Individual Counseling

As a parent of a teenager, you know that your kids will experience highs and lows on their path to becoming successful adults. If your teenager is going through one of these low points, or your advice and support no longer seems effective, then it may be time to call Carolina Strategies.

Dr. Hack and Dr. Hughes are known throughout the area for their unique ability to connect with teens and develop a trusting rapport with them. This is crucial if your teenager is going to learn how to find effective solutions to their problems. Without trusting that they are being fully understood, they won’t listen to even the best advice. In addition to the connection that they establish, our doctors coach teenagers extensively on how to apply a variety of practical strategies to resolve their difficulties. They will match the strategies they teach to your child’s unique personality and strengths.

Some of the skills that our doctors may teach your teenager, include strategies to:

  • Effectively manage their stress and anxiety
  • Think more flexibly about their problems and possible solutions
  • Act in accordance with their values
  • Develop a healthy and positive self-concept
  • Accept the responsibility of school and chores
  • Develop a positive vision for their future
  • Manage peer relationships in a proactive and healthy way
  • Develop a more mature perspective on life

In addition to this work with teens, at Carolina Strategies we also coach parents on how to increase the effectiveness of their parenting and improve their relationship with their teenager. More often than not, parents and teenagers want the same things but just don’t know it. Most teens want to perform well, have healthy relationships, and feel good about themselves, which is exactly what their parents want for them. But most teenagers are unsure how to make this happen and may perceive their parent’s attempts to help as controlling and intrusive. We can help get families on the same page and find effective new strategies to reach these goals.