When we were kids, many of us thought being an adult would be easy: no more homework, plenty of free time after work, making our own rules, and mature relationships free of drama. However, when the reality of adulthood sets in, we discover that it is full of expectations, responsibility, pressure, and conflict. These demands may come from our bosses, spouses, or friends and they can take a heavy toll on our well-being. Unfortunately, when we are struggling with these issues, many of us assume that we should "just be able to handle it," and that needing help makes us weak.

The problem is that our culture usually doesn't teach us how to deal with psychological difficulties. Certainly not in school and sometimes not at home either. But stress is universal and unavoidable. No one in the world is immune to it and it can be devastating to our lives. It is directly linked to numerous health issues such as cardiovascular disease, chronic back pain, and gastrointestinal problems. It can also lead to emotional and behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marital problems, and work dysfunction. All of us should be learning how to recognize stress and deal with it head-on, in healthy ways.

Learning strategies to help with psychological stress is no different than going to physical therapy to rehab an injury, taking your car to a mechanic when it stalls, or hiring a personal trainer to get into shape. Learning strategies to live a healthier life is simply logical, proactive, and adult.