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The doctors at Carolina Strategies are continuing their work with clients despite the COVID-19 crisis. We are essential health care workers and we offer teletherapy sessions through Zoom or FaceTime. To inquire about an appointment, please call our office at 919.234.6144

Carolina Strategies is in the news!

Student-Athletes can Approach Stress of Pandemic Like they Approach a Sport
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PDF download: Helping Athletes Cope with the Challenges of COVID-19

Life can be challenging. Most of the time we can handle it, other times we can use some help. That’s where Carolina Strategies comes in. Our approach to counseling is to serve as trusted coaches. Our job is to get to know you, figure out the source of your difficulties, and then teach you practical strategies to meet life’s challenges head-on. As Licensed Psychologists, we provide counseling services to adolescents and adults on a variety of clinical issues.

Carolina Strategies is also known as one of the nation's leading sport psychology practices. We are performance experts. We coach our clients how to perform on the field with greater focus, confidence, and emotional management. We also apply this expertise to every aspect of our clients’ lives. We offer specialized performance strategies for adolescents and adults in sports, work, school, and social relationships.

What's New

Carolina Strategies Founder, Dr. Bradley Hack, has been elected President of the American Psychological Association's Division of Sport Psychology!

We are pleased to announce the Sport Psych Academy!
6 hours of Sport Psych training, broken into two 3-hour sessions.
Click here or call 919.234.6144 for more information!

Click here to learn more about the Peak Performance Parenting Workshops!

  • Adolescents

    Bringing your teenager to a psychologist doesn’t mean you’ve failed at being a parent. Rather it means you recognize that your child is struggling and needs some guidance. At Carolina Strategies, we will partner with you and your teenager to bring hope and success back into your child’s life.

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  • Adults

    If you are overwhelmed with life’s demands, frustrated with relationships, or just plain stressed out, we can help you work through these challenges in a practical way. We will teach you strategies to put you back in control of your happiness and well-being.

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  • Athletes

    As nationally renowned sport psychologists, Dr. Hack and Dr. Hughes have helped thousands of athletes improve their performance by strengthening their mental game. Whether you are a professional athlete, a high school athlete, or a weekend warrior on the golf course, Carolina Strategies can help you take your game to the next level.

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