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Life can be challenging. Most of the time we can handle it, other times we can use some help. That’s where Carolina Strategies comes in. Our approach to counseling is to serve as trusted coaches. Our job is to get to know you, figure out the source of your difficulties, and then teach you practical strategies to meet life’s challenges head-on. As Licensed Psychologists, we provide counseling services to adolescents and adults on a variety of clinical issues.

Carolina Strategies is also known as one of the nation's leading sport psychology practices. We are performance experts. We coach our clients how to perform on the field with greater focus, confidence, and emotional management. We also apply this expertise to every aspect of our clients’ lives. We offer specialized performance strategies for adolescents and adults in sports, work, school, and social relationships.

What's New

Presenting our four-part Mindfulness Series!
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We are pleased to announce the Sport Psych Academy!
6 hours of Sport Psych training, broken into two 3-hour sessions.
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